CASSY App: Experiments with tablets or smartphones

From descriptions of experiments, built-in sample measurements and experiment configuration to experiment instructions, individual measurements and sharing of results – all of these things are at your disposal with the CASSY App.

Simply prepare experiments from home using the CASSY App. Compact instructions for setting up experiments, sample measurements and configuration are already built in and you can also compose your own with ease. The experiments you have prepared can be saved and loaded by students at any time. The CASSY App is free for teachers and students. When it is installed on students’ own tablet computers, they can use the compact instructions for setting up the experiments and carry out measurements via the CASSY App in conjunction with the WiFi version of Mobile-CASSY 2. Measurement results are displayed as individual values in a table view or as graphs in graph-view mode. The results of any measurements can also be saved or shared for the benefit of later analysis.

In conjunction with Sensor-CASSY and the WiFi adapter, the CASSY App can also be used for demonstration experiments in front of the class.

Download the free CASSY App directly to your tablet computer or smartphone.
Click the required button:

5 steps to digital experimenting with tablet computers: The CASSY App

Step 1: Download the CASSY App

The CASSY App is free to you and your students. After downloading it, you can immediately look at the built-in sample measurements with configurations and measurement values. The app also includes experiment instructions and descriptions.

Your introduction to digital experimenting has already begun.

2: Setting up, quickly and safely

Schrittweise AnleitungenThe digital experiment instructions guide students step by step through the assembly of the experiment apparatus. Without any other accessories, voltage, current, power, energy and temperature can only be measured with the help of Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi. That only requires the corresponding CASSY sensor to be connected to the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi module. The value to be measured is determined automatically as soon as the sensor is plugged in.

With the range of more than 50 CASSY sensors that we supply, we can cover any topic in a curriculum. Since last year, we have also been able to offer the inexpensive M-series sensors especially for student experiments using Mobile-CASSY 2.

That is all that's needed to set up an experiment without losing valuable lesson time.

3: Connect Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi to the CASSY App

A network name and password needs to be set up once on the computer for each Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi module. Afterwards, it will automatically connect to the existing WiFi network. This is identical to the way that every tablet computer in the class connects to the school's wireless network via the same configuration.

If your school does not yet have a WiFi network, Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi can establish its own so-called access point. This can simply be selected in the module's own configuration. The tablets can then connect to this CASSY network.

Once all the computers and measuring instruments are connected to the network, the app can start. This immediately lists all the available devices. Select the desired Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi module and connect it via PIN code with the CASSY app.

All the measuring instruments in the network are then automatically displayed in the CASSY App and students can start taking measurements.

Image left: Fast and easy device selection; Image right: Automativ display of measuring instruments


Step 4: Simple and intuitive measuring

In the example we have given under step 3, the students merely have to click the stopwatch to start and stop measurements. The app automatically displays practical configurations depending on the relevant sensor. Of course, it is also possible to select and modify the parameters for a measurement. The acquired measurement readings are displayed by the app as individual values in a table and also shown on a graph in real time.

This means that the measurement practically works by itself and students can concentrate on their own observations and how and why things are as they are.

5: Save, share, reload

The measurement values obtained can be saved at any time by pressing the folder icon. The app also provides a 'share' option. You can save the measurement readings to the school's server or to the cloud and send them in e-mail form.

The file format .labm kann can also be opened by any Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi module, any instance of the CASSY App and also by CASSY Lab 2. A .txt file can be used in many common programs, such as Microsoft Excel.


Image left: Simple saving of measurement readings, Image right: Sharing measurements

The CASSY App makes possible comprehensive, modern experimenting, which students can carry out on their own initiative and which is conducive to long-term learning. For you as a teacher, it provides an efficiency bonus in both the preparation and teaching of lessons.