Automotive technology training systems

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The LEYBOLD automotive technology training systems are self-contained, fully-operational experiment setups, consisting of individual units, instrumentation and educational software and teachware.

The equipment is designed to cover the following topics in automotive technology:

  • Electronics and electrical circuitry
  • Electrical machines
  • Engine
  • Comfort and driver assistance
  • Chassis and drive train
  • Network and diagnostics
  • Alternative drive technology

We develop and produce our educational systems in close cooperation with the automotive industry and can thus guarantee that our systems are not only very realistic in terms of their hands-on applications but also state-of-the-art.

Since 2003 we have been teaming up with AUDI AG’s training centre to develop automotive training and educational systems, for example, the auto lighting system training panel. This makes it possible for trainees to learn the fundamentals of vehicle electronics and modern data bus systems using original AUDI A4 parts.

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BESTSELLER: Intelligent automotive lighting management system

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  • The control unit automotive lighting includes the control unit for the vehicle electrical system, which is controlling the vehicle’s exterior lights
  • From hazard warning and turn signal lights to parking light, brake lights, high beam to dipped beam headlights and automatic light
  • Transmitting the light control signal via CAN data bus or from the main light switch
  • Detecting of the signals of the ignition switch and the position of the turn signal switch via control unit
  • Self diagnosis functions are available via a diagnostic adapter and software

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Highlight product: High-voltage trainer

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Compact trainer for hybrid
and electric vehicles


Students learn:

  • Correct handling and inspecting of hybrid and high-voltage systems
  • Diagnosing and testing of functions, evaluation of measurements as well as repair components and system extensions of electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Brand-independent practical exercises with fault indication
  • Suitable for class demonstration or practical training by students at the level of vocational training but also at university
  • Measurements can be performed under no-load or load
  • Measurements can be performed safely and without special safety equipment

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