Data logging and measuring technology for all levels of education

The LEYBOLD CASSY system for acquisition of measurement data and accompanying analysis has been in existence for almost 30 years, providing computer-assisted experiment capability to schools, vocational training establishments and universities. The modular system can be used in the sciences, physics, chemistry and biology and in vocational training.

CASSY is the ideal solution for any teaching situation. Whether you want to work with computers or without them, to acquire measurement data from experiments or make use of tablet computers in digital teaching lessons, CASSY has been developed to meet all your needs and can be flexibly supplemented. For all the various demands arising from demonstration or student experiments or practicals, you can find the right combination of measuring instrument, sensor and measurement software.

Choose from our wide range of measuring instruments for your lessons. Our product range extends from the prize-winning Sensor-CASSY, primarily suitable for demonstrations, to the incomparable student measuring instrument Mobile-CASSY 2 and onward to our universal measuring instruments.

In combination with more than 50 CASSY sensors, which are compatible for use with more than just the CASSY system, it is possible to acquire data for over 100 different measurable variables. The sensors are detected automatically, avoiding time-consuming configuration. Fast and accurate recording of measurements is characteristic of all the CASSY instruments.

In conjunction with the CASSY Lab 2 software, CASSY has become one of the most successful and popular solutions for acquisition and analysis of measurement data. By means of CASSY Lab 2 the measurements obtained can be interpreted in detail and analysed. You can use the prepared configurations for this or generate configurations of your own. The educational concept and intuitive operability of CASSY have been impressive to both schools and universities throughout the world. Developed in close collaboration with teachers and professors, the CASSY measuring instruments, CASSY sensors and CASSY software are characterised by their ease of handling and practical relevance. Ultimately, CASSY encourages long-lasting and successful learning.

The innovative CASSY app adds digital teaching of sciences to the range. This means that students and teachers can incorporate tablet computers into their digitalised student experiments and demonstrations.

We offer more than 400 sets of detailed instructions for demonstration experiments and over 1,500 for student experiments. You can use them to support preparation and for carrying out and supplementing experiments.