Remote learning: Free use of digital content for distance learning


Free of charge online access to entire LD experiment library

Special times such as the global spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 require special measures.

Due to the special situation of the worldwide spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, remote or distance learning is becoming even more important. But how do you provide students with learning materials and assignments for distance learning?

Therefore, we have decided to open up our online management portal LeyLab and make our entire LD experiment library available to you free of charge during these difficult times. This way, you can access all of our digital experiment instructions and literature for free.



You will have access to all relevant information including the corresponding experiment instructions. The digital experiment instructions contain real measured data and graphs.

Access to the entire LD experiment library at any time

You can access LeyLab from anywhere and at any time. Of course, natural sciences without real experiments is difficult and not what science is about. Therefore we provide you with our complete collection of experiment instructions with real data from conducted LD experiments.


Get access to:

  • Student experiments:
    1,500 experiment instructions in physics, chemistry and biology for schools, colleges and universities as student and teacher/lecturer versions
  • Advanced experiments:
    o more than 650 experiment instructions in physics
    o more than 500 experiment instructions in chemistry
    o more than 200 experiment instructions in biology

and use the described experiments, additional information and especially the real-time measured data, charts and diagrams.

What other features does LeyLab offer?

  • Upload further documents
  • Exchange experiment instructions with other colleagues
  • Detailed information about the experiments including description, device lists etc.
  • Quick finding of the desired experiment
  • Simple inventory of your lab equipment
  • Create your own set of experiments according to your curricula

What can you do with LeyLab and our LD experiment library in terms of remote learning?

  • Send your students the student versions of the worksheets and let them research preliminary considerations and hypotheses on the Internet. With the help of the step-by-step instructions, students can follow the experiment theoretically.
  • Use prefilled measurement data and observations of the worksheets and teacher's/lecturers version for your students to evaluate the experiments.
  • Let your students interpret the shown graphs or let them create their own graphs based on the measured values.
  • Give your students the questions and the material list of an experiment and let them create how they would perform the experiment. Later these experiments can then be carried out practically. This allows a smooth transition from the distance learning time to the regular classes.
  • The instructions are based on the steps of scientific knowledge acquisition (question -> experiment (performance) -> evaluation -> conclusion). Practice them with your students and let them create individual steps or change the order of the steps and have the students correct them.

All digital contents until 15th September 2020 --- EXTENDED UNTIL 15th NOVEMBER 2020

The entire LD experiment library will be activated until 15th September 2020.

---We extended the promotion until 15th November 2020.---

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to