Remote teaching: Create new or edit existing digital content

Our offer for you:
A time-limited full version of the Lab Doc Editor to create or edit digital experiment instructions

The Lab Docs Editor allows you to create your own digital content for science during school or university closings or customise the digital Lab Docs from the LD library.

Remote teaching with the LAB DOCS EDITOR "Remote teaching"-full version*:

create own digital experiment instructions +

edit digital LD content +

share the content easily with students

Quick Guide: Remote teaching with LeyLab and the Lab Docs Editor

To support you with your first steps and to give you an insight into the possibilities, we have put together tutorials for remote teaching with LeyLab and the Lab Docs Editor. For the tutorials click: HERE

With the full version of the Lab Docs Editor you can easily and quickly create completely new, your own digital experiment instructions and share them with the students. But that's not all, we have also integrated a new function in LeyLab, so that you can download the Lab Docs of the LD experiment library. This allows you to edit them in the Lab Docs Editor and adapt them to your own lessons.


What can you do with the Lab Docs Editor?

With the Lab Docs Editor you now have everything in your hand from small adjustments to design and integration of measuring instruments. All you need is this one tool - without having to use any other editing programs. The created, platform-independent Lab Docs can easily be distributed to all students' smartphones and tablets and are all your students need to create a digital protocol.

  • Edit & delete tasks
  • Add text answer fields
  • Integrate & customise interactive charts & tables
  • Inserting images, vector graphics, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Preparation & creation of material lists
  • Creating formulas
  • Insert videos (mp4 format)*

The created Lab Docs can be stored centrally in LeyLab. The Lab Docs can then be easily distributed to all smartphones, tablets and laptops of the students. It does not matter which manufacturer the end device is from or which software platform is used. All that is needed is a web browser; any installation of apps or programs is not necessary.

  • Share the Lab Docs easily with the share feature, which generates a link that you can send to your students. Once opened, students can work with it immediately.
  • Make your experiments interactive: Your students enter their answers directly on the tablet, and measurement tables and diagrams can be filled automatically. 
  • Benefit from the PDF function in LeyLab if you don't want to go completely digital yet.
  • Use our numerous student experiment instructions as a template for your own lessons and adapt them to remote or distant teaching.

*Full version until the end of summer  --- EXTENDED UNTIL 15.11.2020 ---

We have also decided to release the full version of the Lab Docs Editor by the end of the summer vacations (15.09.2020). After that the software will automatically switch to the demo version.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: