Are you planning to re-equip your laboratory or simply to add to its equipment?
Our specialist advisors will be happy to give you support by suggesting a tailor-made combination suitable to your type of school.

Contacts Worldwide
For the address of your local distributor, please contact us per email:

Contacts Europe
For European distributors, please visit: EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTORS 



If you have any technical question about a device or equipment, please contact our service team by phone +49(0)2233 604-311 and by e-mail


SPARE PARTS SERVICE - Do you need a spare part for your equipment? No problem!

We will provide you necessary spare parts or supplementary parts for your equipment set-ups. For our long-lasting products, we can provide spare parts for many years to come.


Should you find a defect during the long life of our products, we will repair this as soon as possible. If you can not operate the device after the call with our technical service, please send us your device by mail for repair. For this purpose, a return form is available under forms, which you must enclose with your order and customer number as well as a copy of the invoice.

REPAIR SOLUTION - Guaranteed for at least 10 years

Our products stand for high quality and durability. If your device is defective many years after purchase, we usually can still repair it. We guarantee a repair or replacement solution for at least 10 years after purchase - for the majority of our range even longer.