Version 1.16 (02/01/2023)

Support for the new licence Lab Docs Editor Pro (200326) with additional features:

  • Embed videos
  • Embed interactive content from websites (e.g. GeoGebra, H5P, maps, ...)
  • support for blocks with custom HTML code

Version 1.15 (11/14/2022)

  • Support for the new Science Lab designs "tabs". Tabs can be created and edited like headings. The design can be switched at any time.
  • Long tables can now be collapsed in the editor view for an improved overview.
  • Images can now also be set to a width of 33% so that three images are displayed next to each other.

Version 1.13 (07/12/2022)

  • Sliders for markers, parameters and zoom can now be displayed side by side to save space.
  • Support for the new licence Lab Docs Editor Advanced (200322) with additional features for vocational training:
    • New document type Engineering with its own design and support for the following CASSYs:
      • Mobile-CASSY 2 WLAN
      • Power Analyser CASSY (Plus)
      • Converter Controller CASSY
      • Maschine Test CASSY
    • Automatic checking of answers, settings and measurement results with scoring
    • Courses of multiple Lab Docs with free navigation in the course and progress indicator
    • Glossary with explanations of terms, linked in the text

Version 1.8 (9/23/2021)

  • Lab Docs can now be uploaded directly to LeyLab. An experiment is automatically created with a list of devices, a picture and a description.
  • A template can now be used when creating a new Lab Doc.
  • There are new instruments for the Relay M (524 446): A button to switch the relay and sliders to adjust the trigger level.

Version 1.6 (3/2/2021)

  • Measurement series can now also be imported from CASSY Lab 2 (*.labx files).
  • CASSY measurements can now be shown to students as example measurements - ideal for distance learning where students cannot conduct their own experiments.
  • Colors and marks of diagram curves can be set individually.
  • Preview in Lab Docs Viewer is based on modern browser with better performance.

Version 1.5 (9/14/2020)

  • videos now with poster shown before playback
  • buttons of virtual instruments show their individual text also in the editor view

Version 1.4 (5/15/2020)

  • 2. y-axis of diagrams available
  • Axis labels of diagrams can be set individually
  • Videos can be embedded in Lab Docs

Version 1.3 (03/03/2020)

  • Axes ranges of diagrams can be set individually
  • Slider for zooming diagrams available
  • Slider for placing markers in diagrams available
  • Slider for setting formula parameters available

Version 1.2 (10/29/2019)

  • Calculator for converting and combining measured variables available
  • Curves with different x-axes in diagrams possible

Version 1.1 (8/20/2019)

Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0 (7/26/2019)

First public version