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Advanced Science Kits - The tired and tested student experiment system

Physics, Chemistry, Biology
AGE 16-21

The tried and tested Advanced Science Kits system offers a wide assortment of experiments for physics, chemistry and biology. Its modular structure allows basic experiments in lower secondary education as well as in-depth experimental learning in upper secondary education. Apart from being easy to use, the Advanced Science Kits contain robust equipment sets that are ideal for student hands. The components are easily visible in the transparent and functionally designed storage, allowing quick access for teachers and saving time when distributing equipment.The popular and widely-used Advanced Science Kits system is based on a well-established concept and can be used by set or by block. With the two storage options, teaches can decide whether all devices for a topic or only the devices needed for a specific experiment are made available to the students in their work space. Student-friendly experiment information is of course provided with the experiments. This contains a student worksheet as well as a comprehensive teacher worksheet. The experiment information is available as a compact folder with a CD or via the Document Center.