Via QR code or hyperlink




Easy distribution of the digital experiment instructions to students' tablet and smartphones



Digital distribution of experiment instructions to all student tablets and smartphones

Via LeyLab or the Document Center you can easily distribute Lab Docs to your students via a QR code or link.

Open the student experiment in LeyLab and go to the tab Documents. If the respective literature package is integrated, the Lab Docs are displayed as student and teacher version:

Now the button "Share" can be pressed under menu "Actions". You can select how long the QR Code should be valid and it will be generated:

Either print the QR Code for each student or display it for all students via the beamer by clicking the zoom button. In addition to the QR code a link is generated which can be sent by e-mail to the students.

Students scan the QR Code with the QR Code scanner of their tablets/smartphones and the Lab Doc is displayed in the browser of the device. Clicking on the link in the e-mail works in the same way. This way, each student has his own experiment instruction on his device and can edit the individual Lab Doc.