Digital follow-up


Students can work on the measurements they have made using common analysis or reporting programs on their own tablet computers at school. Alternatively the measurement results can be made available so that they can analyse them at home. The data from the measurements will always be compatible across the entire CASSY system so that they can be loaded and saved again and again. This means that advanced and detailed analyses of measurement data can be carried out by students themselves even with the free version of CASSY Lab 2.

The centrally available student worksheets are not merely useful while carrying out the experiments, but your students can also work on them as part of their homework. Naturally, it is also possible to use other programs to include photos of panels and presentations, as well as digital text. This self-evident and memorable way of learning, following through all the way to the digital assessment of results and cementing of in-depth theory, increases the intensity of the learning experience and also makes it more successful.

If your students save all the material to a central location, you too can follow the whole experiment digitally. You can decide whether to do that on a tablet computer or a PC. With the help of the sample answers and advanced tips in the teachers' pages for the experiment, which you can download from our Document Center, you can make your own insight and checking highly efficient. 

For detailed information on our CASSY App, click HERE.

Digital follow-up on PCs or tablet computers - how can it be done?
By what? For whom?


Saved or exported measurements can be used for analysis:

  • At school
  • At home

Students can analyse data:

  • on tablet computers using commonplace analysis or reporting programs,
  • on PCs using the free demonstration version of CASSY Lab 2 

Analysis can be supplemented with the following aids:

  • Student worksheets from the Document Center (which can be filled in and saved on PCs)
  • Photos of panels, digital text etc. using additional programs

Students own conclusions can be

  • centrally saved or shared with the teacher
  • teachers can then work through them and mark them themselves using the CASSY app on a tablet computer or with CASSY Lab 2 on a PC.