Digital experiments - student experiments


Use the CASSY app and the ultimate student measuring instrument Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi

Quicker set-up and pre-defined configurations for measurements

Your students can call up the experiment instructions from the CASSY app and use them for fast and safe setting up of experiments. Your pre-defined configurations for an experiment – duration of measurements, intervals and trigger settings - are loaded to the CASSY app by your students. This ensures they all work on the same basis and preparation of an experiment uses the minimum of valuable lesson time. Experimenting with the help of the CASSY app is perfect for groups of students and encourages learning in teams.

More than 50 CASSY sensors are supported by the CASSY app, thus opening up extensive experiment possibilities. Once the sensor has been linked to the Mobile CASSY 2 WiFi, it automatically sets up the quantity to be measured in the CASSY app. Measurements can then be made immediately with no need for tiresome configuration.

Digital measuremen using the school own WiFi or a CASSY Access Point

For the purpose of measurements, both tablet computers and the Mobile-CASSY 2 itself can be linked to the school’s own WiFi network. If such infrastructure is not available or is restricted for security reasons, that's no problem because Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi can configure itself as a so-called access point. By providing its own WiFi capability in this way, it can also interact with the CASSY app. That means your digital lessons do not even need an existing infrastructure.

Measurement using the CASSY app is completely intuitive and can quickly be carried out by any student. This allows plenty of time for the really important questions, the how and why, and thereby increases the motivation of your students. There is a view with the individual measurement values in a table and another showing them as a graph. Measurement results obtained can be saved and shared. That means they are available for subsequent analysis and interpretation any time and anywhere.

For detailed information on our Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi, click HERE.

No Tablets in class (YET)

We want you to be able to start with digital lessons according to your very own needs and requirements. That's why you can do digital student experiments exclusively using Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi. 

Display of experiment instructions and uploading of settings, detection of sensors and execution of measurements themselves can all be done directly using Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi. The graphic capability and display make it ideal for groups of students. 



Students can upload work to the CASSY app and Mobile-CASSY 2:

  • Compact digital instructions
  • Sample measurements
  • Settings

All these things can be done with the results:

  • Display in table or graph view
  • Saving to the CASSY app
  • Central storage and sharing on a school server or cloud services
  • Availability for subsequent analysis (by individual students or groups).