Digital experiments - demonstration:


Use the CASSY app for demonstrations

The CASSY app can also be used for demonstration of experiments to a whole class of course.
Simply plug the WiFi adapter into your first generation Sensor-CASSY
or the newer Sensor-CASSY 2.

Students can follow measurements in full view on the interactive whiteboard and in real time. You just have to connect a tablet computer to a projector. Results of measurements can be saved and made available to all the students to use CASSY app on their own tablets. This means that students can be actively involved even in demonstration experiments and can experience the experiments in a different way to simply being told by a teacher at the front of the class.  

For detailed information click the following links:
Sensor-CASSY 2 and WiFi adapter.

Digital experiments for demonstration - how can it be done?
By what? For whom?

Teachers can upload experiments to the CASSY app (on tablets) and CASSY Lab (on normal computers):

  • Experiment instructions
  • Sample measurements
  • Settings

All these things can be done with the results:

  • Saving to the CASSY app or CASSY Lab
  • Transfer to central storage on a school server or cloud services from the CASSY app
  • Shared with students by either of the above methods

We'd like to show you two more possible insights into how you might configure your interaction with the CASSY app:

  • Students could save an especially successful measurement to a central location and subsequently work through it with the teacher and the whole class with the help of the interactive whiteboard. Conversely, measurements which haven't worked well could be discussed so that conclusions can be drawn about what went wrong with the experiment.
  • During an experiment measurements can be made by one student with the help of Mobile-CASSY 2 while another student films them with a tablet computer. Measurement results can then be loaded subsequently by means of the CASSY app.