Digital education in natural sciences

Integration of digital media into lessons is the current challenge today. It means that technical lessons in physics, chemistry and biology need to be developed in a way that lets students see all the possibilities but also the limitations of digital media and enhances their creativity, problem-solving skills and cooperative working abilities. This is the only way to make memorable use of media and enhance technical skills.

"Digital lessons“ - but how are they to be implemented?

Our concept of digital lessons using tablet computers and PCs starts with digital preparation. We provide the experiment instructions for your students and enable flexible, digital measuring for student experiments or demonstrations. This concept does not end until the experiments have been analysed and followed up.

Our focus is on being ready for the future. You can start your journey to digital lessons today and you can fully explore the possibilities once the requirements have been met. You can also rely on the fact that our system is fully compatible and easily capable of integrating elements for solutions which will only emerge in the future.


digital, intuitive and logical!

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You are free to download the graphic summary of our LEYBOLD solution in the form of a PDF file: Digital lessons with LEYBOLD

For 160 years now, the world of school and university experiments has been the world of LEYBOLD. Since that time we have seen ourselves as your partner, ready to help you awaken children's fascination with science. For this purpose we continually develop our products and experiments in close cooperation with teachers. To this end, more than thirty years ago, we brought out the first product for computer-assisted measuring to the market That was even before Windows was available in Germany and more than twenty years before the first iPhone.

For years we have been working on the subject of digitalisation in schools, always forging ahead with our Mobile-CASSY student measuring instrument, the  Worlddidac award-winning Sensor-CASSY 2 and our CASSY software. Now we are able to offer you a logical, future-proofed concept for digital lessons in physics, chemistry and biology. So what of tomorrow? For all our tomorrows we are working full steam ahead on further solutions for the future of digital education. It's all for you and for those young scientists who will make the great discoveries which will shape the world to come.