Digital experiment planning:

flexible, informed and time-saving

Digitale experiment planning by computer

Digitale experiment planning with an iPAD, Android or Windows tablet

with Document Center, your digitale library

Prepare your experiments in full detail and without wasting any time. You can quickly and easily find the experiment you want by means of the centre’s fault-tolerant search function or its easily understood table of contents. Detailed instructions are available for more than 1,500 student experiments which conform to the school curriculum and over 400 demonstration experiments.

What are the objectives of the experiment? What theoretical background needs to be taught? All this research we have done for you already. You get step-by-step guidance through the set-up and procedure of each experiment. For enjoyable lesson planning you will find sample exercises and assessment options. For this purpose there are understandable worksheets, specially designed for student experiments, which feature descriptions of the set-up, procedure and an exercise section where the students can record their results for the experiment. Compact instructions for the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi version can also be managed in the Document Center. As a supplement to your experiments we offer up-to-date safety leaflets and risk assessments.

All documents can be filled out, saved and printed out using a PC. You can also make the worksheets available to your students from a central school server or send them by e-mail.


  • Theoretical principles
  • Experiment objectives
  • Step-by-step set-up and procedure instructions
  • Sample exercises
  • Assessment options
  • Set-up descriptions
  • Detailed procedure descriptions
  • Exercise section with space for graphics and results


For detailed information on our DOCUMENT CENTER, our digital library, click HERE.


Digital experiment planning by PC - how can it be done?
What can be done and for whom?


This is what the Document Center offers you:

  • Experiment guides and compact instructions (CASSY app and Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi)
  • Safety data sheets
  • Risk assessments
  • Student worksheets
  • Sample measurements and configurations (already included or designed by yourself)

These can be stored or shared with others

  • with colleagues and/or students (for lesson planning)
  • made available on a school server, via cloud solution or by e-mail.

using the ultimate experiment app: CASSY App

Prepare student experiments simply and flexibly from home using the CASSY app. For this purpose we provide built-in experiment samples for physics, biology and chemistry direct from the app. Whether it be “Charging of a capacitor” or “Distillation of cola”, experiment instructions, uploadable settings and sample measurements are all available for you to plan experiments.

You can save instructions and settings in the app and upload them to a school server or cloud services. Your students can then use the app to load them onto their own student tablet computers. That means that experiments can be repeated later in the classroom. The CASSY app is free to download for both teachers and students.

With utmost flexibility you can even write your own templates for your experiments and share them with your colleagues. This is easy thanks to the uncomplicated free program, Mobile Edit. Simply save your experiment examples and then download them from the CASSY app or upload to Mobile-CASSY 2. You can also manage your own experiment examples in the Document Center. That’s how easy digital experiments in lessons can be.

Download the free CASSY app direct to your tablet computer. Click the required button:

For detailed information on our CASSY app, click HERE.

Digitale experiment planning via tablet - how can it be done?
What can be done and for whom?


You get all this from the CASSY app:

  • Compact digital instructions
  • Sample measurements
  • Settings

These can be stored or shared with others:

  • with you students
  • saved in the CASSY app and then uploaded to a school server or cloud services.

Then your students can access them and load the prepared material with their own CASSY apps.