CASSY Lab 2 - Software for acquisition and analysis of measurement data

CASSY Lab 2 is the popular software for recording and analysing measurement data from all the CASSY equipment. The easy-to-use software supports all the basic devices and sensors. You purchase CASSY Lab 2 along with a school licence, which allows it to be used at all the workplaces in your school simultaneously, including all teachers' and students' PCs. CASSY Lab 2 is ideal for measurements and analysis in simple experiments or highly complex ones.

The intuitively operable software and its earlier versions have been in use all over the world for some 18 years. The international jury of Worlddidac association commended the software with the coveted Worlddidac Award. CASSY Lab 2 is easy to use and can quickly get acquainted with the software.


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CASSY Lab 2.

Simple operation via "plug & play" and built-in sample experiments

CASSY devices and sensors connected to them are automatically detected by the software and graphically displayed. The graphic shows a simplified front view with sensors included. Clicking the graphic allows you to turn inputs and outputs on and off. CASSY Lab 2 automatically carries out typical configuration of the sensors. It also provides detailed help. The software includes more than 150 pre-prepared sample experiments from the areas of physics, chemistry and biology. Apart from detailed experiment instructions, loading the sample files causes a graphic of the CASSY module, sensor box and connection assignments to be displayed. This means you always know whether a sensor is missing and which sensor is connected to which port. Also, part of the experiment instructions includes sample experiments from our Document Center which can be clicked to load them automatically to CASSY Lab 2.

Variable recording and display of measurements 

The recording of measurements can be done either manually or automatically. Manual measurements can be started and stopped simply by pressing a button. This records a single measurement. For automatic measurements it is possible to define time intervals, durations of measurement, pre-recording intervals, triggers and other conditions for measurement to take place. Therefore CASSY Lab offers you the option to get just the right set-up for any measurement requirements. The display of the measurement data can also be varied. You can choose between analog and digital instruments and between tables and graph displays of course. For an easy overview it is also possible to display table values and graphs simultaneously. Configuration of the axes is also freely selectable.

Versatile analytical options, ranging from simple to highly complex

For analysis of experiments CASSY Lab 2 can provide basic functionality right through to complex analytical capacity. You can, for example, fit various shapes of curve to your data (straight lines, parabolas, hyperbolas, exponential functions or arbitrary curves). You can also label the graphs quickly and easily. Integrals, arbitrary formula computations, differentiation, integration and Fourier transforms can also be carried out with the software. Just click on the graph with the right mouse button and a list will appear which includes all the analytical options.

Saving and sharing measurement data

Exporting measurement data and graphs can be done simply using the Windows clipboard. Obviously data can also be saved centrally on a school's server from where it can be downloaded to all the installed versions of CASSY Lab 2. 


Interactive whiteboards too

CASSY Lab 2 can also be used easily with a whiteboard. Apart from the large display for your measurements, visible to the whole class, you can even use your fingers to analyse graphs, since CASSY Lab 2 can be operated from the whiteboard at the touch of a finger. For example, you can zoom in using two fingers and magnify a certain area.

Free updates and demo versions 

You can try out the extensive capabilities and simple operation of CASSY Lab 2 yourself. Simply download our demo version (HERE). After you have purchased and installed CASSY Lab 2, updates are provided free. If you have an internet connection, newly available updates will be displayed automatically. Otherwise updates can be accessed free on our web site.

There is also another service we provide for you and your students: For pure analysis of data on student PCs – for instance assessment of homework – it is sufficient to use the free demo version of CASSY Lab 2 (HERE). 

If you still have the original CASSY Lab installed, we can also offer you an upgrade to CASSY Lab 2, with which you gain all the advantages of its new developments.
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What equipment is supported?

The software supports up to 8 Sensor-CASSY 2, Sensor-CASSY and Power-CASSY modules via a single USB port or serial interface. Obviously the student measuring instruments Mobile-CASSY and the new generation Mobile-CASSY 2 are also supported. With the Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi option it is also possible to make a wireless connection to CASSY Lab 2. The simple Pocket-CASSY 2 interface can be connected to the measurement software via Bluetooth or USB. Support for the joulemeter and wattmeter as well as the universal measuring instruments for physics, chemistry and biology plus the CASSY sensor boxes is also provided. Numerous other pieces of equipment, such as VideoCom, IRPD, and scales can be connected via USB or serial ports. 

CASSY Lab 2 Home 

If you want to use CASSY Lab 2 on PCs which do not belong to the school, we offer a so-called Home version, which is valid for three years. The scope and functionality of this version matches that of the normal school licence version. It enables measurements to be made in alternative locations. 
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