WiFi option – Gateway to digital teaching

Mobile-CASSY 2’s WiFi option opens the door to digital teaching in science lessons. Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi can connect to the school's WiFi network and subsequently be connected to a PC, tablet computer or smartphone. This enables a wireless connection to be made to either CASSY Lab 2 on the computer or to the CASSY App on tablets or smartphones. This means your students can use the CASSY App for their own student experiments and take measurements digitally.

Mobile-CASSY 2 is also capable of establishing its own WiFi network – as a so-called access point. This means you do not need any existing WiFi infrastructure in your school to start with digital teaching.

The possibilities of digital teaching are many and varied. You can get more information on precisely how a Mobile-CASSY 2 device with WiFi option can be used for digital experimenting in student experiments and what benefits derive from it in from our experts:  E-Mail.

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