Student experiments with CASSY – The enjoyment of doing own experiments

For students to carry out experiments on their own, CASSY provides the Mobile-CASSY 2 and Pocket-CASSY Bluetooth measuring instruments. Designed for handling by students, both these instruments are intuitive and easy to use, while still being suitably sturdy.

Thanks to its large high-contrast measurement display Mobile-CASSY 2 is ideal for experiments to be carried out by groups of students. The compact instructions which can be shown on the display make it possible to set up experiments quickly. These compact experiment instructions are already incorporated in our digital document centre or, alternatively, you can easily create your own. Of course the instructions on the student worksheets can be used anyway.

Both measuring instruments are compatible with all CASSY sensors, which makes it possible to record many different variables. In order to ensure that you don't have to invest any more time than necessary in setting up experiments, the sensors are detected automatically and the appropriate configurations for the sensors are also made at the same time. The measurement options and settings are shown on the Mobile-CASSY 2 display. The direct measurement capabilities of Mobile-CASSY 2 are characterised by their rapid acquisition of measurements. Naturally the measurements obtained can be saved for subsequent analysis.

Both Mobile-CASSY 2 and Pocket-CASSY 2 can be connected to the USB port of a computer or laptop. This enables the measurement software CASSY Lab 2 to be used for the acquisition and analysis of measurement data. The clearly structured software is easily understood and controlled by students. The measuring instruments and terminals are graphically displayed and the measurement is configured at the same time. You can, of course, also set up your your own configurations for things like measuring intervals and triggers. Then it is also clear how the data is being acquired. Thanks to its compact design, Pocket-CASSY can easily be incorporated into experiments. Thanks to its Bluetooth functionality it is especially suitable for experiments that do not need to be carried out in one single place and for those which specifically do involve motion. Its Bluetooth functionality also means that Pocket-CASSY can establish a wireless connection to a computer and therefore to CASSY Lab 2.

Mobile-CASSY 2 also offers an additional WiFi option, providing an entry into the world of digital teaching. This allows a wireless connection to be made to the CASSY app so that students can do experiments using their own tablet computers or smartphones. Compact instructions, settings and configurations are also accessible via the app. After carrying out measurements, which can then be displayed in tabular form or as graphs, the measured data can be saved for subsequent analysis.

We make available an extensive library of literature for student experiments. Apart from a detailed teachers' worksheet, the more than 1,500 student experiments in our digital library also include a specific student worksheet.

CASSY enables students to even carry out their own experiments. This means that your students can experience and understand phenomena for themselves. This in turn leads to memorable learning – where fun is a key part.