WiFi adapter for wireless connections

Utilise the benefits of digital teaching using WiFi, even in your demonstration experiments. Sensor-CASSY 2 can be made mobile easily and affordably. Simply plug in the WiFi adapter. It is also compatible with first-generation Sensor-CASSY devices (via USB or RS232).

Wireless connections made easy

The WiFi adapter then connects the Sensor-CASSY module wirelessly to a computer, including tablets, via an existing wireless network. If no wireless network exists, the adapter can establish its own so-called access point.


For more detailed information or to order the WiFi adapter (524 0033) simply click here: WiFi adapter

Digital demonstration with an interactive whiteboard

Once you have established a wireless connection to the CASSY Lab 2 measurement software like this, then the whole class can follow the measurements and analyses on an interactive whiteboard connected to the computer. This means you do not need any extra wiring between the experiment and the whiteboard. Also, the experiment does not need to be carried out right next to the computer, but can be set up anywhere in the room.

Thanks to this WiFi option, you can also make use of the free CASSY App in your experiments. The app connects itself to the Sensor-CASSY module. To include students themselves in the demonstration experiment, you can share the measurement readings with them.