SENSOR-CASSY 2 – for complex demonstration experiments

A measuring device for extensive experiments

The Sensor-CASSY 2 measuring instrument is ideal for the acquisition of measurement data in complex demonstration experiments. The instrument can be connected to a PC via an USB port or WiFi adapter (see WiFi adapter). Beyond its two sensor inputs, one impressive feature of Sensor-CASSY 2 is its built-in capability for measuring voltage and current. No additional sensors are required, for example, to carry out experiments on Ohm's law and electrical oscillations or to record characteristic curves. The concurrent measurement of voltage and current and the simultaneous acquisition of measurement data from two other sensors illustrate the range of applications in which Sensor-CASSY 2 can be used. Depending on the experiment set-up, Sensor-CASSY 2 can be arranged as a table-top unit or a console module. For specific experiments, particularly in chemistry and technology, it can be included in panel frames for the purpose of demonstration. 

Incorporate this intuitive measuring instrument, which has been developed for the most demanding measurement requirements, into your demonstration experiments. In conjunction with the tried-and-tested CASSY Lab 2 software, Sensor-CASSY 2 sets new standards for measurements in schools and universities. This has been recognised by the international jury of the Worlddidac association, who have presented both Sensor-CASSY 2 and CASSY Lab 2 with the coveted Worlddidac Award.

For more detailed information or to order Sensor-CASSY 2 (524 013) simply click here: Sensor-CASSY 2.

Cascadable interface for complex experiments

To match the most demanding measurement requirements, up to eight instruments can be cascaded. This applies to additional Sensor-CASSY 2 modules as well as the earlier-generation Sensor-CASSY and Power-CASSY.

Compatible with all CASSY sensors and sensor boxes

Sensor-CASSY 2 is compatible with all CASSY sensor boxes and CASSY S sensors. The CASSY Lab 2 software automatically detects and configures the sensors. Thanks to the plug-and-play feature, time-consuming configuration is a thing of the past. 

Versatile measurement conncections for every need

The Sensor-CASSY module's two galvanically isolated voltage inputs, an alternative current input and two sensor sockets are some of its other impressive features. All inputs can be switched between various measuring ranges. Twelve digital inputs as well as one analog and six digital outputs are provided. The four timer inputs among the sensor terminals, with their 32-bit counters, also support sensors such as the GM (Geiger counter) box. The five LEDs clearly indicate the current status. 

Computer support from the tried-and-tested CASSY Lab 2 measurement software

Sensor CASSY 2 modules are controlled via the CASSY Lab 2 measurement software. This popular software displays the measurement data in real time and provides numerous functions for detailed analysis.
For detailed information on CASSY Lab 2, click HERE.

Experimenting without a computer

If you prefer to take measurements without a computer, the measurement readings can be indicated on a CASSY-Display. The CASSY-Display has also been developed to be set up in variable ways. The large, dual-channel display is optimally visible for nearly anybody. The CASSY-Display shows the measurements currently being made by connected Sensor-CASSY modules. You can connect a CASSY-Display to up to eight CASSY modules. The appropriate variable to be measured will be selected automatically, whereby additional demonstration measuring instruments such as voltmeters, ammeters or force gauges are no longer required for simple measurement tasks. The channels can be switched on and calibrated individually. Thanks to a datalogger, measured values can be read and analysed later using CASSY Lab 2.


More detailed information about Sensor-CASSY 2 can be found HERE.

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