Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth – measurements made compact and wireless

With the Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth module you bring more freedom and flexibility to your experiments. As the name implies, Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth can establish both a cable and Bluetooth connection to a computer. Particularly experiments dealing with moving elements, such as those on a track, are so much easier to perform when no cables are involved. The relevant CASSY sensor can easily be plugged into Pocket-CASSY 2. All CASSY S sensors and sensor boxes from the CASSY family are supported. (Click for more on CASSY sensors) Another distinguishing feature of Pocket-CASSY 2 is its compact design.


Motion experiments without wires

In conjunction with the 3D acceleration sensor, you can use Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth to measure acceleration, velocity and distance along an inclined plane, for example. At the same time, your students get a clear view of every aspect during the experiment and you do not have to deal with a tangled mess of wires. Readings are transmitted wireless to a computer. A Bluetooth connection with a range of up to 20 metres is entirely sufficient. The whole class can easily grasp the experiment and the measurements in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard.

Simple operation and handling

Our innovative Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth is a registered design. It particularly stands out for its ease of use. That means the Bluetooth device can very easily be selected in the CASSY Lab 2 measurement software and no further configuration needs to be carried out. An automated authorisation procedure means that students' own Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones cannot become connected without your knowledge and you can securely carry out your demonstration experiments. You can tell that a connection has been established, either via USB or via Bluetooth, by means of a coloured LED indicator.

A plug-in rechargeable battery provides the power in Bluetooth mode. The battery provides at least two hours of power. Naturally, multiple batteries can be plugged in at the same time and it is possible to replace batteries while the system is running. Before a battery runs out, the LED will turn red and alert you that your Pocket-CASSY 2 needs to be recharged.


Sensor boxes and Sensors S are detected automatically
so that measurements can quickly be started. There is a button on the measuring instrument itself for starting and stopping acquisition of measurement data. Otherwise operation is via CASSY Lab 2.

Pocket-CASSY 2 Bluetooth can also be used for students' own experiments. Up to seven Bluetooth devices can be connected to a computer by means of our Bluetooth dongle.

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