New sensor M

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April 2018

The new Lux sensor M is available!

With the new Luxsensor M you can measure the illuminance of visible light with our Mobile-CASSY 2.

The measuring ranges 0...100 lx, 0...1 klx, 0...10 klx, 0...100 klx are covered.

The spectral sensitivity of the lux sensor M is 480... 650 nm.

The scope of delivery also includes a 1,20 m connecting cable.

Further information about the Luxsensor M can be found here in our webshop.

New student experiment system Science Lab

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June 2018

The new student experiment system Science Lab -
The joy of experimenting

Our new Science Lab takes student experiments to a new level. The Science Lab impresses with its modern design and many technical innovations. Not only is it consistently oriented towards the integration of digital media, but it also comes with it a didactically newly conceived, editable and interactive literature. In addition, the intelligent storage concept, uncomplicated handling and many innovative detailed solutions make lesson preparation and execution efficient.

Extra sturdy and robust is the Science Lab designed for student generations. Students can easily and safely experiment with the robust and easy to use Science Lab. Our goal: to inspire students for the natural sciences.

Discover the new Science Lab HERE

We have also compiled all the information for you in a brochure. Click on HERE for download.

NEW: LeyLab – the innovative online portal for managing experiments and devices

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June 2018

LeyLab: Organising of experiments and manage the lab easily and anytime and from anywhere!

You are looking for a simple way to compile, enhance and share your own experiment collection? And on top looking for a possibility to manage all devices of your school or university?

Then we got the right solution for you: LeyLab

Finally compile, edit and share your own collection of experiments

In the new online portal LeyLab you can easily set up, create and expand your personal selection of experiments that you would like to conduct in classes.

Access the extensive LD DIDACTIC experiment library; see which devices are needed for the respective experiment and which of them you already have. Choose the experiments in your own selection and benefit from editable experiment instructions and the possibility to edit the experiments individually. You can also easily create your own, completely new experiment instructions in LeyLab. Effective and flexible, LeyLab enables modern, digital preparation of classes.


Keep an eye on your entire equipment

Transfer LD DIDACTIC products from the integrated device library to your own overview with a simple click. Information such as location or comments can be added directly. All other devices can of course be created manually. This gives you an up-to-date overview of the complete inventory of your school or university at all times.


For detailed information about LeyLab, click HERE.

The brochure can be downloaded HERE