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Subject Webinar Topic
Chemistry The Digital Way to do Chemistry Experiments


Physics Diffraction on one- and two-dimensional gratings and on single slits


On Demand Webinars

Bell and Generator – Hands-on for STEM education

Electricity is not just a fundamental part of physics and STEM education, but also in students’ everyday experiences. This webinar introduce topics from "Electromagnetism and Induction" to "Motors and Generators".

Based on the Science Lab Electricity/Electronics system we show the principle of a bell and how electric motors and generators work.
Both are fantastic subjects for hands-on experiments in STEM education.

Topics of this webinar:

  Set up a transformer with just few components

  Principle of a generator and observation of its measured characteristics

  Possibilities of the flexible and modular plug-in board for STEM experiments

  Education in STEM: fundamentals, principles and application

  Useful advices for safe, inspiring and sustainable experiments in electricity


Physics: Diffraction on one- and two-dimensional gratings and on single slits

Diffraction of visible light at the (double) slit is one of the key experiments to demonstrate the wave nature of light. In this webinar, we present the quantitative measurement of the diffraction pattern in a very clear way that students can understand. Mathematical evaluation is included.


The Digital Way to do Chemistry Experiments

Learning about and investigating natural radioactivity.

  Investigation of the influence of the sample properties

  Environmental radioactivity

  Screening of radiation