Exclusive Online Seminars

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16:00 UTC+1  
Digital solutions for teaching
and learning
Click HERE
10:00 UTC+1  
Russian Демонстрация рабочего процесса эксперимента с использованием рентгеновского аппарата Click HERE
11:00 UTC+1  
Arabic Digital Teaching for Engineers - Electrical machines Click HERE
20:00 UTC+1  
English Digital solutions for teaching
and learning
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Join our free-of-charge online seminars and learn more about:

Digital education:
How to become digital from class preparation over experimentation to correction.

Digital lab management:
Anytime and anywhere easy and full lab management, including experiments, devices and literature.

Digital experiment instructions:
How to create your own or edit existing experiment instructions for smartphone, tablet and PC.

Electrical machines
Demonstration of the workflow of experiments with the Machine Test CASSY, LeyLab, Lab Docs and Lab Docs Editor.

  • Introduction to LeyLab & Lab Docs for remote teaching
  • Experiment setup and execution with Machine Test CASSY, LeyLab & Lab Docs: Three-Phase Machines
  • Advanced experimentation with CASSY Lab 2
  • How to customize LeyLab & Lab Docs

LEYBOLD DIGITAL in 20 minutes
Overview: digital solutions for lab management and interactive worksheets for both, distance learning and on-site training.

  • Introduction to LeyLab
  • Introduction to Lab Docs
  • Science
  • Technology

Power Engineering
Machine Test CASSY: features for power engineering.

  • Simulate different power sources such as Power Plant Control, Wind Power and Pumped Storage Hydro Power by using masks.
  • Evaluate the behaviour of a generator when submitted to different types of electrical loads, load shifts and peaks due to large data storage possibilities for long time experiments.
  • Plot the “V” curve of a synchronous generator connected to the mains due to 4 measurement inputs.
  • Harmonic analysis of network and frequency converters due to fundamental wave filter, built-in frequency measurement, FFT Analysis.
  • In-rush current: Evaluate the transient response of an electrical machine and compare among different machines and starting Methods.

Indroduction: Mobile CASSY 2 - First Steps

  • Built in options for Didactic Measurements
  • Using MobileEdit and MobileConfig
  • Save data and use the experiment results
  • Support for Evaluation
  • Connectivity

Ensino Digital: Descubra como o ensino digital funciona com as plataformas LeyLab e Lab Docs

  • Digitalize-se com LEYBOLD Digital: uma introdução sobre as soluções LeyLab, Lab Docs, Cassy e COM3LAB, para ciências naturais e engenharia;
  • LeyLab: gerenciamento de equipamentos e experimentos pertencentes ao laboratório;
  • Lab Docs: ferramentas multimedia e compartilhamento de arquivos via QR-Code;
  • Ensino digital: Demonstração de um experimento usando Lab Docs.

Education for the future generation: E-mobility training Systems

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Characteristics of Electrical Machines/Drives
  • Power Electronics (Converter/Inverter)
  • Hybrid Drives
  • High VoltageTechnology (Charging, Connecting, Disconnecting)
  • BatteryTechnology (Characteristics of Batteries)

Цифровые решения для дистанционного обучения и обучения на месте

  • Введение в Лейлаб
  • LeyLab - организация лабораторных работ
  • Lab Docs - выполнение лабораторных работ с использованием интерактивных руководств
  • Lab Docs - редактор

Mobile CASSY 2 - part of LEYBOLD DIGITAL

  • Connectivity – share measurements
  • Prepare a Labdoc with Mobile CASSY 2
  • Measurement by using Lab Docs
  • Evaluation in a Lab Doc